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[West Journey](a.k.a [Journey to the west], released 1570 ) Chapter 59-61: Monkey King changed himself into an insect and hid among the tea leaves, and got into Iron-Fan Princes's stomach to force her gave up her Iron-Fan so the West Journey Team (Monkey King' Dragon' Pigsy' Sandy' and Xúan-Zhùang) could able to put out the flames on Flame Mountain.--->

[West Journey Supplement] (released 1640) Chapter 10: After leaving Flame Mountain, Mackerel Spirit, The Green Fish kept diabolizing Monkey King to be dreaming into Ancient Mirror, then into Future Mirror.--->


{American West Journey 2020}: Mackerel Spirit was diabolizing inside Monkey King's dream. He lured Monkey King to dream about his teammates (Dragon' Pigsy' Sandy' and Xúan-Zhùang) visiting America 2020. Each character entered different regions of America, through "The Mirror of Future":

The entire story [American West Journey] unfolds in Monkey King's American Dream, the time and space turned into 21st century's earth capital, Los Angeles. the story begin with the sharking BIG ONE, Los Angeles earthquake.

And Mackerel Spirit was diabolizing inside Monkey King's dream. He lured Monkey King to dream about his teammates (Dragon' Pigsy' Sandy' and Xúan-Zhùang) visiting America 2020. Each character entered different regions of America, through "Future Mirror", which serves as a portal for their journey. Why at 2020? because it's the year of L.A. earthquake, the BIG ONE.

To diabolize and paralyze Monkey King in dream, the time and space were disorder and overturned. Mackerel let Monkey King develop his desire and let it go wild in his dreams. He then planned to corrupt him while he was going deeper and deeper in his self-indulgent dream.  All kind of American Dreams (White Dragon become movie star  in Hollywood, Pigsy owned his own casino, Sandy painted the White House brown, Xúan-Zhùang had 2 wives, Monkey King lost then rescue his son... etc.) happened in Monkey King's fancy dream which may get him killed in the end when he suddenly realize that it could be a make-believe dream?

Not aware of the Lust Demon had sneaked into his dream, Monkey King gradually lost himself while all the stories and situations keep HAPPENING.

Mackerel Spirit still didn't dare to throw the dreadful attack yet, he kept to demagogue Monkey King seeing all the fascinating and luxury situations occurred on his teammates.

Mackerel Spirit needed to wait until Monkey King was getting involved deeper and deeper’ eventually unable to extricate himself out from Illusory territory.

Therefore, the whole story was actually a battle of wits between Monkey King and Green Fish.

Monkey King was brave and resourceful, with super power and spell of high-strength, that no one could match, but, he was doomed to lose since the beginning already, because he did not know he had been in the dream all the time. Moreover, he did not know that Green Fish stay so tight to manipulate dreams to his blurred fantasy.

For the worst of all, he did not know, not only wait, as in the side to manipulate his dream, that his enemy was using a fatal blow at any time when he was paralyzed or be awaken over these nightmares of wild dream.


And Monkey King never believe in God, deep down in his soul, he was always believe that he is the greatest that he should take over to rule the Heaven, so, there wouldn't be no God or any super spirits come to save or help him, never such in his dream.


Still, Monkey King is the Monkey King!


While his sleeping mind was lost in a disorder future time and an overturned space, his dreaming soul was chaotic upside down, his wandering spirits would take chance to tell him: The sky is green! It's FISHY somewhere!


Wake up! Because nothing is real, he is manipulating your dream.


Don't wake up! Because he is waiting for the moment to kill you..


Each word of Chinese pronunciation comes with 5 tones and 4 different accents, such as [a, á, â, à, ä]' [e, é, ê,  è, ë]' [i, í, î, ì, ï]' [o, ó, ô, ò, ö]' and [u, ú, û, ù, ü].

Mackerel Spirit

Mackerel Spirit's Chinese pronunciation as ‘[Qing-Yú Jing].

[Jing] means Demon’ Monster’ Fantom, also Spirit’ Emotion’ Alky.

[] means Fish. Yú is pronounced with 2nd accent.

[Qing-Yú] means Mackerel鯖魚,  also the same pronunciation as [Qing-Yú], means Green Fish. Therefore, in our [American West Journey] (also in [West Journey Supplement]), whenever Mackerel Spirit is around, the background and atmosphere always  render in green color.

[Qīng-Yù] means Lust, Aspiration, Desire. [Yù] Pronounced with 4th accent, [Qī] pronounced with 2nd accent.


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